The Domain


Our winery is established in the small village of Auxey-Duresses in the vicinity of Beaune and Meursault in the heart of the Cote D’Or, the Gold Coast of Burgundy.
Our village is nestled at the intersection of the main slopes of the Cote de Beaune and a wine-producing valley leading to La Rochepot and Autun through the Hautes-Cotes de Beaun.e
Over two thousand years ago, grape cultivation and wine production started here in Auxey-Duresses and in its two hamlets of Petit-Auxey and Melin. From the present location of Auxey-Duresses, wine production spread to present-day Burgundy.

Prunier-Damy Vineyards has the distinction of owning a piece of land in the Macabrée, at the foot of the ancient Gallo-Roman camp. This area has been producing grapes for two milleniums.


Established in Auxey-Duresses for the past three centuries, our vineyards are run by the 10th generation of family born and raised wine-makers. Prunier-Damy Vineyards was formed when the Prunier and the Damy-Gagnard properties were joined over 30 years ago when Philippe Prunier married his childhood sweetheart Annie Damy.
The earliest land acquisition can be traced to September 5, 1712 when Pierre Gagnard, Annie’s ancestor, bought his first parcel of land. As for Philippe’s side of the family, it is recorded that Jean-Baptiste Prunier, his great-great-grandfather, started making wine in Auxey-Duresses around 1840.

Today Prunier-Damy Vineyards has 13 “appellations”, i.e. thirteen different wines marketed for distribution throughout France, the European Union, and the world beyond.


Prunier-Damy Vineyards constantly adapts and modernizes. In 2007 a new, multi-facility winery was inaugurated on the outskirts of the village. the new winery is composed of 4 buildings.
Philippe is the Winemaster and General Manager. Annie is in charge of direct wine sales from the “caveau”, the traditional-style cellar selling space from which she guides buyers with warmth, charm and knowledge through tastings of the numerous wines produced by the property.
In 2010 Philippe and Annie’s daughter Justine and her partner Jordan took over cultivation of the land and of most of the vinification tasks. Although the finer steps of winemaking remain a family affair during the few weeks following the harvest, the next generation is hard at work immersed in the process of bringing the wines to market. The succession is assured!